Naturopathic Testing

Naturopathic Doctors can order blood work, urine analysis, and salivary testing.

The following list is a subset of tests I have access to:

  • Standard blood tests (ex: thyroid testing, cholesterol levels, blood sugar, etc.)

  • Food sensitivity testing- Tests your blood's reactivity to a set number of foods to detect if you have any food sensitivities.

  • Salivary testing- can assess female, male and stress hormone levels.

  • Urine testing - DUTCH (hormone testing)

  • Stool analysis to determine if you have parasites and if you are digesting your food properly

  • SIBO Breath Test

*Please note that tests are NOT covered by OHIP and Naturopathic Doctors are unable to order MRIs, CTs, or ultrasounds. In instances where these test are required we would work with your MD to get a referral. Some extended health benefits cover diagnostic testing.